copper fox and the hound drawing


As a website operator, I always strive to provide the best content for my audience. Recently, I came across a beautiful drawing of two animals – a copper fox and a hound – that caught my attention. In this article, I will explore the story behind the drawing, its significance, and how it can be utilized on my website.

The Story Behind the Drawing

The copper fox and the hound drawing is a representation of an unlikely friendship between two animals that are traditionally seen as enemies. The drawing depicts a fox of a rare color commonly referred to as a “copper fox” and a hound, standing close to each other with a serene expression on their faces. The drawing is attributed to the artist Evelyn Pickering De Morgan, who lived in the 19th century.

The Significance of the Drawing

The image of the copper fox and the hound represents hope and friendship despite society’s perception of certain groups as enemies. It is a message of unity and compassion, and it encourages individuals to look beyond their differences and embrace diversity. The image can be interpreted in different ways, and it has become a symbol of acceptance and love for many people.

Using the Drawing on My Website

As a website operator, I believe that using the copper fox and the hound drawing on my website can contribute to creating a positive message among my audience. The image can be used to emphasize the need for diversity and acceptance among people. It can also be used as a visual element to make the website more attractive and engaging.

One way that I plan to use the drawing is by creating a blog post that discusses the significance of the drawing and its message. I will provide my readers with the history behind the drawing, its interpretation, and why it matters in today’s society. Additionally, I will use the drawing to create visually appealing backgrounds for my website’s social media pages.


The copper fox and the hound drawing is a beautiful work of art that carries a message of unity and compassion. By using this drawing on my website, I hope to contribute to the much-needed conversation about diversity and acceptance in our society. As a website operator, I believe that it is essential to use these kinds of images to create a positive impact on our audience and promote love and compassion.


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