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The Story of Cornell Pennant: A Perfect Souvenir for Fans of the Ivy League

As the proud owner of a website that specializes in Ivy League merchandise, I am constantly on the lookout for unique and high-quality products that appeal to the style and taste of our discerning customers. And one item that has caught my attention lately is the Cornell Pennant.

The Cornell Pennant is a classic souvenir that dates back to the early 20th century. It is a triangular flag with flannel material and felt letters that spell out the word “Cornell.” The pennant comes in the university’s signature colors of red and white, and it features the iconic bear mascot in the center. It measures 29″ by 12″, making it the perfect size to hang on a wall in a dorm room, apartment, or office.

The History and Significance of the Cornell Pennant

The Cornell Pennant has a rich history that reflects the university’s storied past. The pennant was first introduced in 1900 when Cornell’s athletic teams were gaining national recognition for their success in intercollegiate competitions. At the time, cornell was known as the Big Red, and the bear was chosen as the unofficial mascot in the 1920s. The bear, named Touchdown, became the official mascot in 1955, and it has since become a beloved symbol of Cornell spirit and tradition.

The pennant, too, has come to represent more than just a piece of cloth with the university’s name on it. It has become a part of Cornell’s identity, a tangible reminder of the school’s academic excellence, athletic prowess, and community spirit. Over the decades, alumni and students alike have proudly displayed their Cornell pennants in their homes, offices, and cars, showing their loyalty and love for their alma mater.

The Cornell Pennant Today: A Timeless Souvenir for True Cornellians

Today, the Cornell Pennant continues to be a popular souvenir for students, alumni, and fans of the university. Its timeless design and durable construction make it a must-have item for anyone who wants to show their Cornell pride in a stylish and classic way. We sell the Cornell Pennant on our website, and it is one of our best-selling items. Customers love the way the pennant looks on their walls, and they appreciate the quality of the materials and construction.

But the Cornell Pennant is more than just an item we sell. It is a symbol of our commitment to providing the best Ivy League merchandise to our customers. We take pride in sourcing products that meet our high standards of quality, style, and tradition, and the Cornell Pennant is a perfect example of that.


In conclusion, the Cornell Pennant is a classic souvenir that has stood the test of time. It represents the best of Cornell’s history, tradition, and spirit, and it continues to be a beloved item for fans of the university. As a website owner who specializes in Ivy League merchandise, I am honored to offer the Cornell Pennant to our customers. It is a perfect example of the timeless and stylish products we strive to provide, and I hope it brings joy and pride to all those who display it in their homes and offices.


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