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Welcome to our website, where we specialize in providing top-quality correline hose products to our valued customers worldwide. Corroline hoses are made from high-performance fluoropolymer materials and designed for use in demanding industrial applications. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using correline hoses and how they can improve your operations.

What is Corroline Hose?

Corroline hose is a type of flexible tubing made from a special type of fluoropolymer material that has excellent chemical resistance, low permeability, and high temperature tolerance. These hoses are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, including high pressure, high temperature, and abrasive environments. Corroline hoses are commonly used in chemical processing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries where the transport of highly corrosive substances is required.

Advantages of Corroline Hose

1. Chemical Resistance: The unique properties of fluoropolymer material used to make correline hoses make them highly resistant to a wide range of chemical substances. This means that they can be used to transport highly corrosive fluids, oils, acids, and other hazardous chemicals without the risk of damage, cracking or leaching.

2. High Temperature Resistance: Corroline hoses can operate smoothly in temperatures ranging from -270°C to 260°C which makes them ideal for use in extremely high-temperature operations. This means that they can work for long hours without getting damaged or melting, ensuring safety, and reducing the need for regular maintenance.

3. Non-Stick Surface: Corroline hoses have a highly polished surface that has excellent non-stick properties. This means that they can prevent the build-up of residue or deposits on the hose walls, ensuring efficient flow rates, and reducing the risk of contamination.

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4. Durability: Corroline hoses are made from high-quality materials and designed to withstand the toughest conditions. They are resistant to mechanical and physical stress, ensuring that they can last for many years without wearing out or breaking down.

Application of Corroline Hose

Corroline hoses have a wide range of industrial application, including:

1. Chemical Processing: Corroline hoses are widely used in the chemical processing industry, especially in the production of acids, alkalis, and other highly corrosive fluids.

2. Petrochemical: Corroline hoses are ideal for use in the petrochemical industry, where the transfer of highly corrosive and hazardous materials is required.

3. Pharmaceutical: The non-contaminating properties of Corroline hoses make them suitable for use in pharmaceutical production, where hygiene is paramount.

4. Food Production: Corroline hoses are FDA approved, making them safe for use in food processing and handling.


Corroline hoses are a vital part of industrial operations, where the transportation of highly corrosive and hazardous materials is required. They offer unmatched chemical resistance, high-temperature tolerance, and non-stick properties that make them ideal for a wide range of applications. We are committed to providing high-quality correline hose products to our valued customers, ensuring that they have the best tools to meet their operational needs. Contact us today for all your Corroline hose needs!