crossword jam level 89

As a website operator, it’s important to understand what your audience wants and how to keep them engaged. One popular way for people to spend their time online is by playing games. Crossword Jam is a highly addictive word game that has been capturing the attention of users for quite some time. In this article, we will be discussing Crossword Jam Level 89 and how operators can keep their audience entertained.

Crossword Jam Level 89 Breakdown

In Crossword Jam Level 89, players are presented with a 6×6 grid of letters that they need to use to form words. The goal is to create as many words as possible that fit the given criteria. To complete this level, the player needs to find six words that have between four and six letters each.

Some possible words for Level 89 include “car”, “race”, “care”, “acre”, “rare”, and “rear”.

One of the tricks to completing Crossword Jam levels is to use prefixes and suffixes to create new words. For example, the letters “car” can be combined with the prefix “un” to create “uncar”, which is a valid word in the game.

Keeping Your Audience Engaged with Crossword Jam

To keep your audience engaged with Crossword Jam, it’s essential to provide them with valuable insights and strategies that can help them complete difficult levels like 89. You can create a blog where players can discuss tips for different levels or even provide them with daily challenges to keep them coming back for more.

Another way to keep players engaged is to create a leaderboard where players can compare their scores and compete to see who can complete the most levels. You can also offer rewards such as prizes or special badges for players who complete challenging levels or reach certain milestones.

Lastly, it’s essential to keep your website up to date with the latest versions of Crossword Jam. This involves ensuring that all the links are functional and that the game is optimized for mobile devices, as more people are using these devices to play games online.


In conclusion, Crossword Jam Level 89 is a fun and challenging word game that has been capturing the attention of players worldwide. As a website operator, it’s crucial to provide your audience with the latest versions of this game and offer them tips and rewards that can help them complete challenging levels. By doing so, you will not only keep your audience engaged but also increase your website traffic and engagement in the long run.


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