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The Controversy Surrounding the Crucified Skinhead Shirt

As a website operator, I often come across products that generate a lot of controversy. One such product that has recently caught my attention is the crucified skinhead shirt. This garment has sparked outrage among many people, with some calling it offensive and others defending it as freedom of expression. In this article, I will examine the arguments on both sides of the debate and offer my own perspective as a business owner.

The Argument Against the Shirt

Those who are against the crucified skinhead shirt see it as promoting violence and hate. The shirt features an image of a skinhead being crucified, with the slogan “Skinheads Rule” underneath. To many, this sends a message that violence against certain groups of people is acceptable, and promotes a culture of bigotry and intolerance. Some have even gone so far as to call for a boycott of the website that sells the shirt, arguing that it should not be given a platform to spread such a message.

The Argument for the Shirt

On the other hand, there are those who defend the crucified skinhead shirt as an expression of free speech. They argue that the shirt is not promoting violence, but rather is meant as a commentary on the violence that some skinheads have perpetrated. They also say that it is not the job of a business owner to censor what products they sell, and that consumers should be able to make their own decisions about what they buy. Some have even suggested that the controversy itself is part of what makes the shirt valuable, as it generates attention and raises important questions about the limits of free speech.

My Thoughts as a Web Site Operator

As a web site operator, I understand the importance of free speech and the value of allowing controversial products to be sold. However, I also believe that it is important to be responsible and not promote products that could incite violence or hate. In the case of the crucified skinhead shirt, I would not choose to offer it on my website. While I believe in the importance of free speech, I also recognize that there are limits to what is acceptable. In this case, I believe that the shirt crosses that line and could promote harmful attitudes and actions.

At the same time, I also understand that not all web site operators will feel the same way. It is not my place to tell other businesses what products they should or should not offer. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to make their own decision about what they think is right.


The crucified skinhead shirt is one of many controversial products that can be found on the internet. While opinions on it vary, it is important to consider the potential impact it could have on society. As web site operators, we have a responsibility to promote products that don’t promote hate or violence. At the same time, we also need to respect the right to free speech and allow consumers to make their own choices. It is a delicate balance, and one that requires thoughtfulness and sensitivity to the values of our communities.


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