cummins twin turbo kit using stock turbo

Cummins Twin Turbo Kit Using Stock Turbo: A Complete Guide

If you own a Cummins diesel engine, you know the importance of having a reliable and efficient turbocharger. However, for those looking to add even more power to their rig, a twin turbo setup might be the way to go. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of a Cummins twin turbo kit using the stock turbo, and what you need to know before making the upgrade.

What is a twin turbo?

A twin turbo setup involves using two turbochargers to increase airflow and boost levels. The first (or primary) turbocharger is usually smaller and spools up quickly, providing immediate boost at low RPMs. The second (or secondary) turbocharger is larger and kicks in at higher RPMs to further increase boost levels. This results in a more linear and consistent power delivery, with less turbo lag and more overall power.

Why use the stock turbo?

While there are aftermarket turbochargers designed specifically for twin turbo setups, using the stock turbo can be a more cost-effective option. The stock turbo is already designed for your engine, with the correct exhaust housing and compressor wheel size. Using the stock turbo as the primary turbo in a twin setup allows you to keep your existing exhaust and intake plumbing, which can save you time and money compared to a full aftermarket turbo install.

What are the benefits of a twin turbo setup using the stock turbo?

There are several benefits to using a twin turbo setup with the stock turbo:

  • Increased power and torque: A twin setup can increase power and torque by up to 50% over a single turbo setup, with more consistent power delivery.
  • Reduced turbo lag: With two turbochargers, you’ll experience less lag and quicker spool-up times.
  • Better engine response: A twin setup can improve overall engine response, making your Cummins feel more nimble and responsive.
  • Improved towing performance: With more power and better low-end torque, a twin turbo setup can improve your truck’s towing capabilities

What do you need for a twin turbo setup using the stock turbo?

The exact components you’ll need for a twin turbo setup will depend on the year and model of your Cummins, as well as the specific kit you choose. In general, you’ll need:

  • A second turbocharger: This turbo will need to be larger than your stock turbo and can either be a new or used unit.
  • A mounting kit: This will include all the necessary brackets, hoses, and fittings to mount the second turbo and connect it to the stock turbo.
  • An intercooler: With the added boost, an intercooler is essential to keep intake temperatures in check.
  • A tuning device: To take full advantage of the added boost, you’ll need to reprogram your engine’s computer with a performance tune.

Is a twin turbo setup using the stock turbo right for you?

While a twin turbo setup can provide significant gains in power and performance, it’s not for everyone. If you use your truck primarily for highway driving and light towing, a single turbo setup might be a better choice. However, if you’re looking for maximum power, better towing performance, and improved throttle response, a twin turbo setup is definitely worth considering.

Overall, a Cummins twin turbo kit using the stock turbo can be an effective way to get more power out of your diesel engine. By utilizing your existing turbo as the primary turbo and adding a larger secondary turbo, you can experience better power delivery, reduced lag, and improved towing capabilities without breaking the bank. As with any performance modification, make sure to do your research and choose a reputable kit that’s designed specifically for your truck.


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