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The Story of Darlee Santa Monica: A Unique and Posh Lifestyle

Darlee Santa Monica is a website that offers luxurious yet practical home and outdoor furniture for stylish homeowners with a keen sense of aesthetics and comfort. Our products are designed to complement modern living spaces, and our exquisite designs reflect the lifestyle of the Santa Monica Beach – a hub of sunny beaches, shopping boutiques, and stylish restaurants.

The Inspiration Behind Darlee Santa Monica

Our inspiration is drawn from the once wild and charming Santa Monica Beach, which is now a trendy and posh neighborhood full of fashionable homes and modern high-rise buildings. We aim to provide furniture that reflects the beauty and sophistication of our surroundings while balancing it with durability, functionality, and affordability.

Our furniture collections are designed by our team of experts, who are passionate about providing unique and stylish home and outdoor furniture to match your lifestyle. They take inspiration from Santa Monica’s lifestyle and aesthetic, then create designs that are a perfect blend of sophistication, practicality, and modernity. Each design is crafted with the highest standards and attentively selected materials to withstand the daily demands of any home.

Why Choose Darlee Santa Monica?

At Darlee Santa Monica, we take pride in being a quality-driven brand that provides trend-setting furniture for every budget. We believe that everyone has a right to surround themselves with beauty and comfort at home. Therefore, we endeavor to provide our products at an affordable price-point without sacrificing quality.

What sets us apart is our attention to detail in providing a personalized shopping experience for our clients. We understand that furniture is an investment, and as such, we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients receive personalized and dedicated support before, during, and after purchase.

Our Products

We provide a wide variety of indoor and outdoor furniture ranging from patio furniture to home décor. Our collections are designed to enhance your home’s aesthetic while providing comfort and remaining budget-friendly.

Our outdoor furniture is crafted with durable materials, is designed to withstand harsh climates, and is available in various colors and textures to complement your home’s style. Our indoor furniture is designed to be practical, sophisticated, and functional, with specific attention to seating, tables, storage units, and beds.


The Darlee Santa Monica brand has quickly become a go-to for homeowners looking to create stylish, comfortable living spaces with affordable yet high-quality furniture. Our inspiration-driven designs and personalized shopping experience set us apart from our competitors as we aim to provide furniture that reflects the lifestyle of Santa Monica. We continue to innovate our products to remain at the forefront, delivering the best possible experience to our clients.


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