dayton fancy feather club

Welcome to Dayton Fancy Feather Club

As the operator of Dayton Fancy Feather Club, I am thrilled to welcome you to our website. We are an exclusive club dedicated to the enjoyment of birds and their magnificent plumage.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an exemplary experience for anyone interested in birds and their unique features, particularly their feathers. Our club welcomes members from all walks of life, from seasoned bird enthusiasts to curious neophytes.

Our Offerings

Dayton Fancy Feather Club offers members access to a diverse set of activities and programs.

We host weekly events where members can meet bird experts and enthusiasts, share knowledge, and admire exquisite birds and their feathers. Our club hosts exhibitions of birds and studies their feathers. These events help to bring together bird lovers to learn more about the fascinating world of birds.

We offer hands-on training courses on bird watching, bird photography, feather care, and other related skills. Our courses are taught by experts in various fields and are accessible to everyone, including children.


Membership in our club is open to anyone who loves birds, their feathers, and the enjoyment they bring to life. Our membership fees are reasonable and affordable for all, making it accessible to anyone who has a passion for birds and their magnificent feathers.

As a member, you will be entitled to a wide range of benefits, including access to all of our events and classes, discounts on bird-related products, and more. You will also get to meet fellow members with similar interests.


Dayton Fancy Feather Club provides a welcoming environment for all bird enthusiasts, bird watchers, feather collectors, and anyone who is curious about birds and their dazzling array of plumages. Please join us today and experience what makes our club so special: the birds, the feathers, and the people who share a passion for them.


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