dd15 losing fuel prime

DD15 Loses Fuel Prime: Causes and Solutions

As a website operator in the trucking industry, I often receive inquiries about different kinds of issues that truckers face when they hit the road. One of the most common ones is the loss of fuel prime in the DD15 engine. This problem can cause a lot of frustration and downtime for drivers, and it’s crucial to understand the causes and solutions.

What is Fuel Prime?

Fuel prime refers to the action of filling the fuel lines with fuel before starting the engine. Without proper fuel prime, the engine may not start or may run inadequately. The DD15 engine has a priming pump located on the left side of the engine block for this purpose.

Causes of Fuel Prime Loss in DD15 Engines

Several reasons can cause loss of fuel prime, including:

  • Leakage in the fuel lines or fuel filter
  • Defective priming pump
  • Inferior quality fuel
  • Slow cranking of the engine

Each of these factors can contribute to the loss of fuel prime in the DD15 engine. Identifying the underlying cause is essential to prevent the issue from recurring.

Solutions to Fuel Prime Loss

To address the problem of fuel prime loss, you can try using the following solutions:

Check for Fuel Line and Filter Leakage

The fuel lines and filter are susceptible components in the engine that can wear over time or get damaged during routine maintenance. Make sure you inspect these parts carefully for leakage and replace them if necessary.

Replace the Priming Pump

If the priming pump is defective, it can lose its ability to prime the fuel lines adequately. You might need to replace the pump to restore proper fuel prime.

Use High-Quality Fuel

Inferior quality fuel can contain impurities or debris that clog fuel lines and filters, leading to fuel prime loss. Switching to high-quality fuel can help prevent this issue from occurring.

Check the Cranking Speed of the Engine

The engine cranking speed should be within the recommended range. Slow cranking can prevent proper fuel prime, reducing the ability of the engine to start and run correctly. Consider replacing the battery or repairing the starter motor to improve the cranking speed.


Loss of fuel prime is a common issue that DD15 engine owners might face. By understanding the causes and implementing the solutions discussed above, you can prevent costly downtime and frustration for yourself or your drivers.

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