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As an online game website administrator, I am constantly looking for ways to improve user engagement and enhance player experience. One of the key aspects that we focus on is the optimization of game strategy for our players. The game, Evony, is a popular online strategy game that requires players to choose the best generals, each with their unique strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we will discuss the best wall general in the game.

The Importance of Choosing the Best Wall General

Before we delve into who the best wall general is, we need to first understand the importance of having a strong, reliable wall defender. In Evony, the wall is the first line of defense that protects your city from enemy attacks. Thus, the general that you select to defend your wall is crucial in determining the outcome of any battles.

Cao Cao: The Best Wall General in Evony

After extensive research, we have concluded that Cao Cao is the best wall general in Evony. Cao Cao’s unique ability to reduce enemy damage by 5% and increase the damage that infantry units deal by 5% is a game-changer. In addition, his high defense and health stats, paired with his ability to heal himself and nearby troops, make him a formidable wall defender.

Choosing the Right Cao Cao Talent Tree

In Evony, each general has three talent trees that provide unique abilities and skills. For Cao Cao, we recommend investing talent points in the Infantry Talent Tree. This tree focuses on improving infantry units, which pairs well with Cao Cao’s ability to boost their damage. In addition, investing in the Infantry Talent Tree also provides advanced skills that increase infantry units’ health, attack, and defense stats.

Pairing Cao Cao with the Right Troops

To maximize Cao Cao’s ability to boost infantry units, we recommend pairing him with a large number of infantry troops. Some of the best infantry units to pair with Cao Cao include Halberdier, Pikeman, and Swordsman. These units benefit from Cao Cao’s ability to increase their damage and healing abilities, making them tougher and harder to kill.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, having a reliable wall general is essential for any player in Evony looking to fend off enemy attacks. We strongly suggest selecting Cao Cao as your wall general and investing in his Infantry Talent Tree. Pairing him with strong infantry units will make your wall defense nearly unbeatable, providing you with a valuable advantage in the game.


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