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As a website operator, I would like to discuss the challenges and successes of running the popular fitness forum, Getbig Forums. With over a million unique visitors per month, the community has become one of the largest online forums for bodybuilding enthusiasts, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts alike. This article aims to describe the website’s founding, its current status, and what actions could be taken to improve and sustain it.

Genesis of Getbig Forums

Getbig was founded in 1998 by Ron Avidan, a computer engineer from Los Angeles. Initially, Getbig started as a fitness and bodybuilding news portal, publishing articles on nutrition and training regimens. Avidan soon realized that the community members sought an active online forum where they could ask questions, share their experiences, and connect with others. Therefore, in 2001, the Getbig forum was launched, which quickly became a popular platform for sharing information and discussing bodybuilding and fitness.

The Growth and Current State of Getbig Forums

Today, Getbig Forums is a massive platform with over one million unique visitors per month, 60,000 registered members, and over 12 million posts, covering almost every fitness-related topic. The website’s popularity is due to its active members who regularly participate in discussions, ask relevant questions, and share fitness-related knowledge. Furthermore, the website encourages openness and promotes free speech, resulting in an open and forward environment where members feel welcome and heard.

Despite the current success, Getbig Forums faces many challenges. One of the most significant challenges is managing the massive volume of data submitted daily. There are times when the moderators can hardly keep up with enforcing the rules created to regulate user behavior. Additionally, as more people engage with the platform, there is a growing risk of cyberbullying, spam, and other forms of internet abuse that can discourage people from using the website.

Improving and Sustaining Getbig Forums

To improve and sustain Getbig Forums, various measures could be taken by the website operator, moderators, and members. One essential change that could be made is increasing the number of moderators to effectively manage and enforce forum rules. To help mitigate the risk of cyberbullying and abuse, guidelines could be created explicitly for these issues. The guidelines could provide clear definitions of cyberbullying, spam and provide instructions on how users should respond or report such behavior.

Another action that could be taken is to improve the website’s design and functionality. It’s been many years since the website had a design refresh, and it’s important to keep up with current trends and user demands. Perhaps the website could undergo redevelopment to provide a better user experience by making it more user-friendly and enhancing the search ability of the forums.

Finally, Getbig Forums could benefit from engaging with members and increasing interaction across different platforms. The website could leverage modern social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, to link users to the website’s latest articles and forum threads.


In conclusion, Getbig Forums has managed to grow and sustain itself over many years and has created an active, supportive community of bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts. The website operator could sustain the community by improving the website’s design, better regulating user behavior, and increasing interaction across different platforms. By taking these steps, Getbig Forums could continue to grow and foster a supportive and collaborative community for years to come.


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