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Welcome to Hot Wheels Poison Arrow. We are a website dedicated to providing information and resources for fans of the popular Hot Wheels toy line.

What is Hot Wheels Poison Arrow?

Hot Wheels Poison Arrow is a toy car that was first introduced by the Hot Wheels company in 2016. The car is based on the popular TV show, BattleBots, and is modeled after a real-life robotic fighting machine of the same name. The car is known for its sleek design, eye-catching colors, and impressive speed.

Why is Hot Wheels Poison Arrow so popular?

Hot Wheels Poison Arrow has become a popular toy among kids and adults alike because of its unique design and exciting features. The car is fast, durable, and easy to control, making it a favorite among racing enthusiasts. Additionally, its connection to the popular TV show BattleBots has helped to cement its place as a must-have toy for fans of the show.

Where can I find Hot Wheels Poison Arrow?

Hot Wheels Poison Arrow is widely available at toy stores and online retailers. You can also find it on our website, where we offer a variety of different versions of the car, including limited-edition models and collectibles.

Shopping on our website is quick and easy, and we offer a range of convenient payment options. Plus, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, so if you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What else can I find on Hot Wheels Poison Arrow?

In addition to purchasing Hot Wheels Poison Arrow and other Hot Wheels products, our website offers a wealth of information and resources for fans of the toy line. This includes reviews of the latest Hot Wheels cars, tips and tricks for building your own Hot Wheels tracks, and exclusive interviews with Hot Wheels designers and engineers.

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Our website also features a thriving community of Hot Wheels enthusiasts. You can join the discussion on our forum, where you can connect with other fans, share ideas, and show off your collections.


Whether you’re a die-hard Hot Wheels fan or simply looking for an exciting new toy to add to your collection, Hot Wheels Poison Arrow is a must-have. With its sleek design, impressive speed, and connection to the popular TV show BattleBots, it’s no wonder that this car has captured the hearts of so many. Check out our website today to learn more about Hot Wheels Poison Arrow and everything else the Hot Wheels world has to offer.