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As a website operator, one must always stay vigilant to the latest trends in the entertainment industry. Hence, the manhwa How about this pose (raw) has recently caught my attention. In this article, I will discuss the manhwa, its plot, and its potential impact on the audiences.

What is the manhwa about?

How about this pose is a South Korean webcomic series created by Jjangah. It tells the story of a young couple named Seonmi and Hyungwoo. They both work as models and participate in various photoshoots together. However, they have very different personalities, which often results in disagreements and arguments. Seonmi is passionate, bold and not afraid to express her opinion. On the other hand, Hyungwoo is calm, reserved and likes to keep his thoughts to himself. The two struggle to find a balance between their work and personal lives, often leading to humorous situations.

What makes it unique?

What sets How about this pose apart from other manhwas is its focus on fashion and modeling. The readers get to see behind the scenes of the glamorous world of photoshoots and runway shows. Moreover, the story explores the struggles and challenges that models face in their profession. It also touches on issues such as body image, self-esteem and relationships, which are relevant to the current generation. The manhwa’s art style is also worth mentioning, as it is colorful, detailed and brings out the characters’ personalities.

What can it offer to the audiences?

How about this pose has the potential to attract a diverse audience. Firstly, it could appeal to the younger demographic that is interested in fashion and beauty. Those who dream of becoming models might find the manhwa relatable and informative. Additionally, the story’s romantic subplots could cater to the romance readers who prefer light-hearted and comedic storylines. Lastly, the manhwa’s exploration of topical issues could resonate with the readers who are interested in socially conscious content.

What are the challenges?

As with any webcomic, How about this pose faces its own set of challenges. The manhwa is currently only available in raw format and lacks an official English translation. This limits the number of readers who can access the series, especially those who are not fluent in Korean. Moreover, the manhwa is still ongoing, which means that it is difficult to predict its popularity and longevity. The creators must maintain a consistent and engaging storyline to keep the readers interested.


In conclusion, How about this pose is a promising manhwa that offers a unique perspective on the fashion industry. Its focus on modeling, fashion and relationships could attract a diverse audience, provided that it overcomes its challenges. As a website operator, I will keep an eye on the manhwa’s development and consider adding it to our platform when an official translation becomes available.


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