how to lighten trigger pull on bond arms derringer


As a website operator, I often receive queries and requests from gun owners on how to improve the trigger pull on their Bond Arms Derringer. In this article, I will be sharing tips and tricks on how to lighten trigger pull on Bond Arms Derringer.

What is a Bond Arms Derringer?

A Bond Arms Derringer is a type of handgun made by the American firearm manufacturer, Bond Arms. It is a small, two-shot pistol that can be chambered in various calibers, such as .45 Colt, .410, and .357 Magnum. While the Bond Arms Derringer is known for its reliability and accuracy, some gun owners find that the trigger pull can be a bit heavy.

Why lighten the trigger pull?

Having a lighter trigger pull can enhance the shooting experience for many gun owners. A lighter trigger pull can help to improve accuracy, reduce trigger jerk, and reduce fatigue during extended shooting sessions. Additionally, in self-defense situations, a lighter trigger pull can help to increase the speed and accuracy of your shots.

Tips on how to lighten trigger pull on Bond Arms Derringer

1. Replacing the Trigger Spring

The trigger spring is responsible for returning the trigger to its original position after each shot. If the trigger spring is too heavy, it can cause the trigger pull to feel heavy and stiff. By replacing the trigger spring with a lighter one, you can significantly reduce trigger pull weight. Be sure to choose a high-quality, compatible trigger spring that will not negatively affect the performance of your Bond Arms Derringer.

2. Using a Trigger Shoe

A trigger shoe is a small accessory that attaches to the trigger of your Bond Arms Derringer. It can help to widen the trigger’s surface area and reduce the force required to pull the trigger. This can make the trigger pull feel lighter and more comfortable. Be sure to select a trigger shoe that fits securely and does not move around during firing.

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3. Polishing the Trigger Components

Over time, the trigger components of your Bond Arms Derringer can become rough, which can cause friction and trigger pull weight. By polishing the trigger components, you can reduce friction and create a smoother, lighter trigger pull. Be sure to use a high-quality polishing compound that is safe for firearm components.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

Practicing proper trigger pull technique can help improve your shooting accuracy and reduce trigger pull weight. Focus on pulling the trigger smoothly and consistently, and avoid yanking or jerking. Practicing regularly can help improve your muscle memory and make pulling the trigger feel more natural and easy.


If you’re looking to lighten the trigger pull on your Bond Arms Derringer, there are several methods that you can try. Whether you choose to replace the trigger spring, use a trigger shoe, or polish the trigger components, be sure to do so safely and correctly. With practice and patience, you can achieve a smoother, more comfortable trigger pull that can enhance your overall shooting experience.