isr single exit g35



Thank you for taking the time to read about the ISR Single Exit G35. We are a dedicated group of motorsport enthusiasts who have redesigned and manufactured an exhaust system that maximizes power and sound for the Nissan G35.

The ISR Single Exit G35 exhaust system is designed to enhance the performance and overall sound of your vehicle. Our team has built a reputation for providing top-performing exhaust systems that take your driving experience to the next level. We understand the importance of designing and crafting an exhaust system that meets the high standards of our customers, and we are proud to say that we have surpassed our own expectations.

Enhanced Performance:

The ISR Single Exit G35 exhaust system is designed to maximize the performance of your vehicle. Our exhaust system is constructed of high-quality stainless steel that is carefully selected for its high strength and durability. The design of our exhaust system minimizes back pressure and maximizes airflow, delivering more horsepower to your car’s engine.

The ISR Single Exit G35 exhaust system also greatly enhances the sound of your vehicle. Our system is engineered to produce a deep and aggressive tone that will certainly catch the attention of those around you. The sound produced by our system is not only thrilling but is also incredibly satisfying to the ears of any motor enthusiast.

Ease of Installation:

We understand that replacing an exhaust system can be intimidating, which is why our team has made the installation process a breeze. Our system is designed as a direct bolt-on and can be installed with simple hand tools in a few hours.

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The ISR Single Exit G35 exhaust system is also designed to be compatible with both the factory and aftermarket bumpers. Our system is versatile and can be adjusted to fit various exhaust tip lengths and styles. This allows our customers to customize their exhaust system to their personal preferences.


The ISR Single Exit G35 exhaust system is the perfect addition to any Nissan G35. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality exhaust systems that offer enhanced performance and sound. The ease of installation and compatibility with various bumpers also make our system an ideal choice for those seeking to customize their vehicles.

We stand by the quality and performance of our products and are confident that you will enjoy the difference our exhaust system makes to your driving experience. Thank you for choosing us as your motorsport partner.