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The Hype Around Japanese Pokemon Go Promo Cards

As a website operator and avid Pokemon Go player, I cannot overlook the frenzy that Japanese Pokemon Go promo cards have caused. These limited edition cards have taken the Pokemon Go community by storm, with players scrambling to get their hands on them, trade them, or even collect them just for their rarity.

But what exactly are these Japanese Pokemon Go promo cards, and why have they captured the hearts of Pokemon Go enthusiasts worldwide?

What Are Japanese Pokemon Go Promo Cards?

Japanese Pokemon Go promo cards are limited edition promotional cards that were distributed during Pokemon Go events in Japan. The cards feature some of the most popular Pokemon characters from the game, including Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. Each card has a unique design and artwork that makes it highly collectible.

These cards were not available for sale but were given out to players who attended the events in Japan. Some of the events that saw distribution of these cards include the Pokemon Go Yokohama event, the Pikachu Outbreak event, and the World Championships event in Tokyo.

Why Do Players Want the Cards?

Players want these Japanese Pokemon Go promo cards for various reasons. Firstly, they are limited edition, which makes them highly collectible. For some players, the cards represent a memento of their visit to Japan during the Pokemon Go events. Secondly, some players want to collect all the different types of cards available, and these Pokemon Go promo cards add to their collection. Additionally, the cards can be traded with other players, making them valuable in the Pokemon Go community.

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Moreover, the unique artwork on each card makes them highly prized among collectors. Each card features artwork from various talented artists, adding to their value and appeal.

Where Can Players Get the Cards?

Since these Japanese Pokemon Go promo cards were not available for sale, the only way to get them is to attend the events where they were distributed. Unfortunately, not everyone can travel to Japan to attend these events.

However, some players are willing to trade their cards with other players. Online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and other trading platforms have listings for these cards, with some selling for hundreds of dollars. It’s important to note that trading or buying these cards online can be risky, as there is a high possibility of getting scammed or receiving fake cards. Hence, it’s important to buy from trusted sellers or trade with reputable traders in the Pokemon Go community.

In Conclusion

Japanese Pokemon Go promo cards have sparked a craze among the Pokemon Go community worldwide. With their limited edition status, unique artwork, and rarity, these cards are highly prized among collectors and players alike. While these cards aren’t available for sale, some players are willing to trade them, but it’s essential to be careful and buy/trade with reputable sellers or traders to avoid scams or fake cards.

As a website operator and avid Pokemon Go player, it’s fascinating to see how a simple promotional item can generate so much hype and excitement among the player base. I can only hope that we see more exciting collectibles like these in the future.

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