kershaw lucha 20cv


The Kershaw Lucha 20CV: A Review

As a website operator and knife enthusiast, I was recently given the opportunity to test out the Kershaw Lucha 20CV. This knife is part of Kershaw’s popular Lucha line and features a 3.25-inch blade made from high-quality 20CV steel.

Design & Ergonomics

Upon holding the knife, my first impression was one of solid construction and weight. The handle is made from stainless steel and has a smooth, almost polished finish. The satin-finish blade complements the handle well and adds a touch of elegance to the overall design. The knife has a closed length of 5.25 inches and an open length of just over 8 inches, making it a fairly compact folding knife.

The ergonomics of the handle are exceptional. With its squared-off handles, the knife is easy to grip and control. The handle features a double-sided latch, which allows for easy opening and closing of the knife. It also makes the knife suitable for both right and left-handed users.


The 20CV steel used in the blade is a high-end, premium steel that is well-suited for a variety of tasks. It is known for its exceptional edge retention, which is important for a knife that will be used frequently. The blade comes razor sharp out of the box and has no issues cutting through a variety of materials.

The blade also features a crowned spine, which adds a touch of elegance to the design and provides additional comfort when holding the knife.


The Kershaw Lucha 20CV performs exceptionally well as an everyday carry knife. The blade is sharp and strong, and the handle is easy to grip and control. The knife feels solid and well-constructed in the hand, and the double-sided latch makes it easy to open and close when needed.

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I used the knife for a variety of tasks, including cutting cardboard, opening packages, and even trimming some houseplants. In each instance, the knife performed exceptionally well, with no signs of dulling or wear and tear.


Overall, I would highly recommend the Kershaw Lucha 20CV to anyone in the market for a high-quality folding knife. The design and construction are both top-notch, and the steel used in the blade is among the best available. For its price point, this is an exceptional knife that is well worth considering.

As a website operator, I am always looking for exceptional products to share with my readers. The Kershaw Lucha 20CV is definitely one that I will be recommending in the future.