legend of zelda time crisis fall of the moon


Welcome to our website! As a website operator, I am thrilled to introduce to you one of our latest featured games: Legend of Zelda Time Crisis Fall of the Moon. This game is a must-play for all fans of the Legend of Zelda series, and we are excited to offer it on our platform. In this article, I will go over what makes this game stand out and why you should give it a try.


Legend of Zelda Time Crisis Fall of the Moon is set in an alternate universe where the fabled land of Hyrule is under a new threat: a powerful alien race called the Lunarians. They have arrived on the moon and claim that it is their rightful home. Upon researching their history, Princess Zelda discovers that they have been dormant for centuries, waiting for the right chance to strike.


The gameplay takes the form of a classic Legend of Zelda game, with a mix of puzzle-solving, exploration, and combat. The unique twist is that the game is set on a timer. You have a limited amount of time to complete each level before the Lunarians’ main weapon, a moon-sized bomb, detonates and destroys Hyrule. This adds a thrilling sense of urgency to the game and makes every decision you make critical.


One of the best features of the game is the variety of weapons and abilities at your disposal. You can use classic Zelda items like the boomerang and bombs, as well as new unique weapons like the Lunar Shield, which can reflect the Lunarians’ laser attacks. There are also various time-distorting spells you can use to slow down or speed up time to your advantage.

Another exciting aspect of the game is the boss battles. Each Lunarian boss has a distinct set of attacks and requires a different strategy to defeat. These fights are challenging, but incredibly satisfying when you finally figure out how to beat them.


In conclusion, Legend of Zelda Time Crisis Fall of the Moon is a fantastic addition to our website’s game library. The combination of classic Zelda gameplay with the added challenge of a timer makes for an exhilarating experience. The variety of weapons, abilities, and challenging boss battles make it a must-play for any fan of the series. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try, and let us know what you think!


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