lishi full set


The Beauty of Lishi Full Set

Lishi Full Set is a collection of automobile lockpicks intentionally designed for professional and novice locksmiths. The set consists of a variety of car lockpicks that actuates a particular car lock system. It is an essential collection for unlocking any model or design of vehicle locking system.

Locksmithing is a rare skill that takes time to master. However, with Lishi Full Set, the learning curve may be a tad shorter. The set is designed to reduce the hassle and frustration that comes with figuring out the locks to specific cars. It is one of the most valued collections of lockpicks in the world, thanks to its tremendous unlock rate that excludes the need for excessive drilling or forced entry.

Product Overview

The Lishi Full Set encompasses almost every lock system on the market today. Each automobile lock pick is specially designed to fit into specific areas of the lock mechanism, enabling locksmiths to identify the components they need to manipulate. This set has a range of over 75 car lockpick tools, including the Audi HU66 2-in-1 and the Toyota Lexus TOY43 2-in-1.

The tools are color-coded, making it easy for the locksmith to identify each tool’s capabilities based on the color code. The high-quality steel used to make each lockpicking tool improves the durability of the picks while also making them efficiently function.


Lishi Full Set presents an array of benefits to its users, from locksmiths to amateur car enthusiasts.

Speeds up the work rate of locksmiths:

The set offers a variety of lockpicking tools all in one place, allowing locksmiths to work faster and more efficiently. It eliminates the need for carrying a kit of bulky lockpicks with them as the set is portable and contains all the necessary lockpicking tools in one convenient box.

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Reduced damage to car locks:

As mentioned earlier, Lishi Full Set has a high unlock rate, which means that the use of excessive force and drilling is not necessary. The lockpicking tools are designed to manipulate the lock mechanism to unlock the car without any damage to the lock or the car itself.


Lishi Full Set is a valuable collection that any locksmith must-have. Rather than buying individual lockpicking tools for specific car models, the set is a one-time purchase that saves on costs.


Lishi Full Set is an indispensable tool that reduces the time taken for a locksmith to unlock a car while also reducing the possibilities of damaging a lock. It is an investment that pays off in the long run, especially for locksmiths who rely on their skills to secure their income. Whether a seasoned locksmith or an amateur car enthusiast, Lishi Full Set is the go-to set for unlocking all locks on all vehicle models.