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As the owner of a popular anime and manga website, I am constantly looking for ways to engage with my audience and provide them with new and exciting content. One series that has been particularly popular with our readers is Beastars, and within that fandom, the character of Louis has generated a lot of interest. In this article, I will explore the popularity of Louis x Reader fanfiction and what it says about the Beastars fandom as a whole.

The Appeal of Louis

Fans of Beastars are drawn to many different aspects of the series, including the unique blend of animal and human characters, the complex relationships between those characters, and the overarching theme of prejudice and acceptance. Louis is a particularly compelling character because he embodies all of these elements in a singular way. He is a red deer who wants to rise to the top of his school’s hierarchy, but he is also a compassionate and conflicted individual who must confront his own biases and limitations.

The Rise of Louis x Reader

Given the popularity of Louis as a character, it’s no surprise that fanfiction about him has become a thriving subculture within the Beastars fandom. One particular type of fanfiction that has gained traction is Louis x Reader, which involves romantic or sexual relationships between Louis and a fictional reader stand-in. This genre allows fans to explore their own fantasies and projections onto the character, as well as delve deeper into his psyche and motivations.

What Louis x Reader Tells Us About the Fandom

The fact that Louis x Reader fanfiction exists at all is a testament to the dedication and creativity of Beastars fans. By imagining themselves as part of the story, they are engaging with the themes of the series in a personal and meaningful way. Furthermore, the popularity of Louis x Reader fanfiction suggests that fans are drawn to the character not just for his physical appearance or charisma, but for his inner conflicts and complexities.

The Benefits and Risks of Fanfiction

While fanfiction can be a valuable form of creative expression and community-building, it also comes with certain risks. One danger is that fans may become overly invested in their own visions of the characters and plot, leading to conflict and division within the fandom. Additionally, fanfiction writers may unintentionally reinforce harmful stereotypes or perpetuate problematic power dynamics in their stories.


As a website owner, I believe it’s important to support and encourage fan creativity while also leading discussions about the risks and responsibilities that come with fanfiction. The popularity of Louis x Reader fanfiction within the Beastars fandom is just one example of the complex and multifaceted ways in which fans engage with the media they love. By understanding and embracing these diverse approaches, we can continue to foster a vibrant and inclusive community of fans.


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