lowe skorpion 16 for sale

Lowe Skorpion 16 for Sale: Why It Is Worth Investing In

If you are a fishing enthusiast, one of the most critical things you need is a reliable fishing boat. The Lowe Skorpion 16 is a sought-after model among boaters for its versatility and performance in the water. This article delves into why investing in a Lowe Skorpion 16 is worth considering for your fishing needs.

The Specs

The Lowe Skorpion 16 is a craft with a length of 16 feet and a beam width of 70 inches. It has a weight capacity of 950 pounds, which is ideal for carrying two or three adults and all their fishing gear. The boat’s bottom is made of durable and lightweight aluminum, making it easy to maneuver in the water.

The boat also comes with several standard features, which are essential for fishing enthusiasts. Some of the notable features include a 15-gallon aerated livewell, a trolling motor, and storage compartments to store fishing tackle and other fishing gear.

Why Lowe Skorpion 16 is Worth the Investment


The Lowe Skorpion 16 is designed to take on different fishing conditions, from calm waters to rougher conditions. The boat’s hull design makes it easy to navigate shallow waters, making it an excellent choice for anglers who love fishing in ponds and creeks. This versatility also makes it possible to explore new fishing locations that would be inaccessible to larger boats.


The Lowe Skorpion 16 has an impressive stability design, providing anglers with a secure platform for fishing. Its large casting decks, comfortable seating, and wide beam offer ample space to stand, sit, and cast comfortably. The boat’s stability is further enhanced by its unique V-shaped hull, which provides a smooth ride and excellent control in different water conditions.


The Lowe Skorpion 16 is made of high-quality materials, making it a durable boat that can last for many years. The aluminum bottom is strong enough to withstand knocks and bumps, while the boat’s interior is designed to withstand wear and tear from fishing equipment and harsh weather conditions. This durability makes it a cost-effective choice, especially for anglers who use their boats frequently and in different fishing conditions.


The Lowe Skorpion 16 is a relatively affordable boat, making it an excellent option for anglers who want to invest in a reliable fishing boat without breaking the bank. Its low maintenance costs and long lifespan also make it a cost-effective option for anglers on a budget.

In Conclusion

The Lowe Skorpion 16 is a versatile, stable, durable, and cost-effective fishing boat that is worth considering for anglers who are looking for a reliable fishing vessel. Its standard features, such as a trolling motor and storage compartments, make it an excellent option for anglers who want a boat that is ready for fishing right out of the box. Consider investing in the Lowe Skorpion 16 for a comfortable, stable, and efficient fishing experience.


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