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As the owner of a popular marine-oriented website, one of the most common queries we receive relates to boats for sale. We understand the passion and enthusiasm that many potential boat owners have for owning their dream vessel. Therefore, we have partnered with Craigslist to provide listings of Maine boats for sale on our website.

What is Craigslist?

Craigslist is a free, community-based platform that primarily functions as a classified advertisement website. You can find anything from housing to cars to furniture, and of course, boats for sale. The website relies on user-generated content and offers a wide variety of categories to ensure that each user can find something of interest.

How to find Maine boats for sale on Craigslist?

Finding Maine boats for sale on Craigslist is relatively easy. Firstly, you need to navigate to the “Boats” category on the main page. Once you have clicked on the “Boats” section, you can narrow down your search to Maine by selecting the corresponding location filter.

At this point, you should be presented with a long list of boats for sale in Maine. You can further refine your search by selecting specific boat types, brands, or price ranges. Alternatively, you can use the search bar at the top of the page to search for specific keywords.

Benefits of shopping for boats on Craigslist

Craigslist offers several benefits to potential boat owners. Firstly, you can find boats for sale at a relatively lower cost compared to typical dealerships. This affordability stems from the fact that many of the boats listed on Craigslist are being sold directly by their owners, eliminating middlemen.

Furthermore, since Craigslist relies on user-generated content, you can find a wide variety of boats for sale. Unlike traditional dealerships, you can find unique and customized boats on Craigslist that suit your specific needs and preferences.


If you are looking to purchase a boat in Maine, Craigslist is undoubtedly an excellent resource to use. Its user-friendly interface and diverse range of listings make it a convenient and affordable platform to use. By partnering with Craigslist, we hope to facilitate your search for your dream boat and make the process as smooth as possible.


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