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The Massey Ferguson GC1700: Features and Price

As a website operator catering to the agricultural industry, I want to provide my readers with in-depth information on farm equipment. One of the machines that has caught my attention is the Massey Ferguson GC1700. In this article, I will discuss the features and price of this popular tractor.


The Massey Ferguson GC1700 is a versatile tractor that comes with a variety of features to meet the needs of farmers. Here are some of the features that stand out:

  • Engine: The tractor is powered by a 22.5-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine, which provides ample power to tackle tough tasks.
  • Transmission: The hydrostatic transmission with two ranges allows for smooth shifting and better control.
  • Hydraulics: The tractor has a max hydraulic flow rate of 4.2 gallons per minute, making it ideal for using implements like the front-end loader and backhoe.
  • PTO: The GC1700 has a rear PTO and mid-mounted PTO, giving farmers the versatility to use various attachments and implements.
  • Cab: The spacious cab with ergonomic controls provides a comfortable work environment for the operator.
  • Tires: With sturdy tires, the tractor can handle rough terrain and tough conditions.
  • Attachments: Massey Ferguson offers a range of attachments and implements, such as front-end loaders, mowers, and backhoes, that work seamlessly with the GC1700.


The Massey Ferguson GC1700 provides a solid value for its price, considering the features it offers. The price of the tractor varies depending on the model and dealer, but it typically ranges from $15,000 to $20,000.

While some may consider the GC1700 to be relatively expensive compared to other tractors in its class, it’s important to remember that Massey Ferguson provides a reputable brand and quality products. In addition, the GC1700’s features make it a worthwhile investment for farmers who need a tractor that can handle a range of tasks.


The Massey Ferguson GC1700 is a well-designed tractor that offers a variety of features to meet the needs of farmers. Its engine, transmission, hydraulics, PTO, cab, tires, and attachments provide versatility for different applications. While the price may seem steep to some, it’s worth considering the value that the tractor provides in terms of quality and performance.

If you’re looking for a solid tractor that can handle various jobs, then the Massey Ferguson GC1700 might be worth a closer look.


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