mossberg 190 16 gauge magazine


As a website operator, I am passionate about firearms and their history. One gun that has always fascinated me is the Mossberg 190 16 Gauge, specifically its magazine. In this article, I will explore the history and significance of this firearm and its magazine.


The Mossberg 190 was produced from 1955 to 1957, making it a relatively short-lived firearm. However, it was still an essential part of Mossberg’s history as it was the company’s first centerfire rifle. The 16 gauge version of the Mossberg 190 was particularly unique because of its magazine design.

Magazine Design

The Mossberg 190 16 Gauge Magazine had a rotary design that was unlike anything else at the time. It held 7 cartridges and was incredibly reliable, which made it perfect for hunting and shooting sports. The rotary design also made it straightforward to load and unload, which was a significant selling point for the firearm.


The Mossberg 190 16 Gauge Magazine was significant because it represented a new direction that Mossberg was taking. Previously, the company had only produced shotguns, and by introducing a centerfire rifle, it was expanding the scope of its product line. Additionally, the rotary magazine design was innovative and showed that Mossberg was willing to take risks and try new things.


Although the Mossberg 190 16 Gauge was only produced for a limited time, its magazine design lived on. Mossberg continued to use the rotary magazine design in its other firearms, such as the 702 Plinkster and the Blaze. This design has become synonymous with Mossberg and is one reason why the company has been so successful.


The Mossberg 190 16 Gauge Magazine is a testament to the innovative spirit that drives the firearms industry. Even though it was only produced for a short time, its rotary design has had a lasting impact on the industry and is a significant part of Mossberg’s history. As a website operator and gun enthusiast, I am proud to explore the legacy of the Mossberg 190 16 Gauge Magazine and its importance in the firearms industry.


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