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R Warhammercompetitive is a popular website that provides gamers with resources to improve their gameplay in Warhammer, a tabletop strategy game. As the website operator, my goal is to enhance user experience and attract more Warhammer players to the website. In this article, I will discuss the website’s current features, user demographics, and steps to expand its services.

Current Features

R Warhammercompetitive’s main feature is its discussion forum, where players can exchange tips, tactics, and strategies to improve their gameplay. The website also includes articles, videos, and podcasts that provide detailed guides and analysis of different armies, units, and formations. Additionally, users can participate in tournaments, access a point calculator, and share their own battle reports.

User Demographics

The website’s primary demographic is experienced Warhammer players, who are looking to improve their competitive gameplay. These users are typically male and range from ages 18-35. However, as Warhammer becomes more popular, the website has seen an increase in female and younger users. The majority of users come from English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Expanding Services

To attract more users and provide more value to current users, R Warhammercompetitive can expand its services in several ways. For example, the website can introduce a marketplace where users can buy and sell Warhammer miniatures and accessories. This feature can generate revenue and help users acquire rare pieces for their armies.

Another way to expand services is to enhance the website’s social media presence. By creating pages on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the website can attract new users and engage with current users. Social media can also be used to promote new articles, videos, and tournaments.

Furthermore, the website can collaborate with Warhammer publishers and vendors to offer exclusive discounts and promotions. This feature can attract more users and generate revenue through affiliate marketing.

Lastly, the website can create a mobile app to make its features more accessible to users. The app can include all the current features of the website, as well as new features such as a community chat forum and push notifications for tournament updates.


R Warhammercompetitive is a valuable resource for Warhammer players looking to enhance their gameplay. As the website operator, my goal is to expand services and attract more users. By introducing a marketplace, enhancing social media presence, collaborating with vendors, and creating a mobile app, the website can provide more value to current users and attract new ones. With these features, R Warhammercompetitive can become the go-to website for Warhammer players worldwide.


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