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The Beauty and Benefits of Rubicon Spray Rose

If you are looking for an exquisite floral variety to add charm and elegance to your garden or floral arrangement, the magnificent Rubicon Spray Rose deserves a place in your collection. With its vibrant color, mesmerizing fragrance, and unique attributes, this rose is sure to captivate your senses and become a top favorite in your garden or floral masterpiece.

What is Rubicon Spray Rose?

Rubicon Spray Rose is a hybrid tea variety cultivated by internationally renowned rose grower, Meilland Richardier. This rose is a result of crossbreeding between the Red Flame and the Precious Platinum roses, two iconic and revered varieties in the rose family. The Rubicon Spray Rose features a large, deep red bloom with a high petal count and a classic hybrid tea shape. The blooms are borne on sturdy stems and grow in clusters, making them ideal for garden borders, focal points, and floral arrangements.

Why choose Rubicon Spray Rose?

There are several reasons why Rubicon Spray Rose is a favorite among gardeners, florists, and rose enthusiasts. Here are some of the top benefits of this incomparable rose:

1. Beauty

Rubicon Spray Rose is a visual feast for the eyes. Its deep red color gives it a regal appearance that exudes class and sophistication. The large blooms have a velvety texture and a high petal count, giving them a full-bodied, cupped appearance that is simply breathtaking. Whether you grow them in your garden, use them in floral arrangements, or gift them to a loved one, Rubicon Spray Roses are sure to make a bold statement of elegance and beauty.

2. Fragrance

One of the most distinctive qualities of Rubicon Spray Rose is its intoxicating fragrance. The rose emits a rich, sweet scent that is often described as a blend of fruity and floral notes. The fragrance can fill an entire room, and is ideal for use in aromatherapy, spa treatments, or just for the sheer pleasure of experiencing the sweet aroma of this amazing rose.

3. Long-lasting blooms

Rubicon Spray Rose has a remarkable vase life, making it a favorite among florists and event planners. The blooms can last up to two weeks or more, making them ideal for use in wedding bouquets, table centerpieces, and other decorative arrangements. Additionally, the blooms open gradually, giving them a longer shelf-life and ensuring they remain fresh and vibrant for an extended period.

4. Disease resistance

Rubicon Spray Rose is a robust and hardy variety that is resilient to many common rose diseases. This makes it an ideal choice for gardeners who want to add colorful roses to their collection without the hassle of regular maintenance or frequent application of chemicals or pesticides. The rose has a moderate resistance to blackspot, powdery mildew, and rust, making it relatively easy to grow and care for.

Growing Rubicon Spray Rose

Rubicon Spray Rose is a versatile variety that can be grown in various settings and conditions. Here are some tips to help you grow this rose successfully:

Soil and watering

Plant Rubicon Spray Rose in well-drained soil that is moist but not soggy. The rose prefers a slightly acidic soil pH (between 6.0 and 6.5) and requires regular watering to maintain uniform soil moisture. Water the rose deeply once a week, or more often during hot, dry weather.

Light and temperature

Rubicon Spray Rose requires at least six hours of direct sunlight to thrive. The rose prefers moderate temperatures (between 60 and 75°F) and is hardy in USDA zones 6-10. Prune the rose regularly to promote healthy growth and flowering.

Fertilizing and pest control

Feed Rubicon Spray Rose with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer at least once a month during the growing season (April-September). Watch out for common rose pests such as spider mites, aphids, and thrips, and treat them promptly with approved insecticides or natural remedies.


In summary, Rubicon Spray Rose is truly a gem of the rose family. With its stunning color, delightful fragrance, long-lasting blooms, and disease resistance, this rose is a top choice for gardeners, florists, and rose enthusiasts alike. So, whether you want to add a touch of elegance to your garden, create a show-stopping floral arrangement, or surprise a loved one with a bouquet of the most beautiful roses, Rubicon Spray Rose is the perfect choice.

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