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As a website operator, I am often approached by users looking for free audiobooks. Recently, the topic of sapiens audiobook free has been brought up repeatedly. In this article, I will explore the options available for users looking to listen to the audiobook version of Yuval Noah Harari’s book, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, for free.

Library Options

One option for users is to check their local library for the audiobook version of Sapiens. Many libraries now offer audiobook rentals through a variety of online platforms such as Overdrive, Hoopla, and RB Digital. Users can access these platforms with their library card and gain access to a selection of audiobooks, including Sapiens. This is a great option for users who do not want to spend money on audiobooks and who have access to a library card.

Promotional Offers

Another option for users is to look for promotional offers that may provide the audiobook for free. This could include signing up for a free trial of an audiobook service such as Audible, where new users are often given a free audiobook credit. While Sapiens may not always be included in these promotions, it is worth a try for users who are looking for a free audiobook.

Public Domain

Sapiens was published in 2014 and is still under copyright, which means that it cannot legally be shared for free without the author’s consent. However, users can look for similar books that are in the public domain and therefore available for free. These may include books about history and anthropology, which share similar themes and ideas as Sapiens.


While users may be able to find Sapiens audiobook for free through library rentals or promotional offers, it is important to respect the author’s copyright and not illegally download or share the audiobook. Users can also look for similar books in the public domain for free. As a website operator, I encourage users to explore these options in order to access high-quality audiobooks without breaking any laws or infringing on the rights of authors.


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