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Welcome to our website on woodworking plans for the shaker step stool. Here, we provide detailed plans and instructions on how to build a beautiful and sturdy step stool in the traditional shaker style. Whether you are a professional woodworker or a beginner, our plans are designed with simplicity, clarity and accuracy in mind, so that you can build a piece of furniture that will stand the test of time.

Overview of the Shaker Step Stool

The shaker step stool is a classic piece of furniture that was originally designed by the shaker community in the early 19th century. The shakers were known for their simple and elegant designs that emphasized function over form, and the step stool is no exception. The stool is typically made of hardwood such as cherry, maple, or walnut, and features a clean and minimalist design that is both functional and beautiful.

Materials and Tools

To build a shaker step stool, you will need the following materials and tools:

– Hardwood boards (cherry, maple, walnut, etc.)

– Wood glue

– Nails or screws

– Sandpaper (various grits)

– Wood finish (e.g. oil, wax, varnish)

– Saw

– Chisel

– Drill

– Clamps

– Measuring tape

– Pencil

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Cut the boards to size: Start by cutting the boards to the appropriate length and width according to the plan. You will need two identical pieces for the sides, one piece for the top, and two pieces for the steps.

2. Cut the notches for the steps: Using a saw or a chisel, cut the notches for the steps on each side of the stool. The notches should be identical in size and depth so that the steps fit snugly.

3. Sand the surfaces: Sand all surfaces of the stool with sandpaper, starting with coarse grit and finishing with fine grit. This will remove any rough spots and prepare the wood for finishing.

4. Assemble the stool: Apply glue to the joints and clamp the pieces together. Then, use nails or screws to attach the steps to the sides, and the top to the sides. Make sure to wipe away any excess glue before it dries.

5. Finish the stool: Apply a finish of your choice (e.g. oil, wax, varnish) to protect the wood and enhance its natural beauty. Allow the finish to dry completely before using the stool.


Building a shaker step stool is a rewarding woodworking project that can be completed in a weekend. By following our step-by-step instructions and using quality materials, you can create a beautiful and functional piece of furniture that will last for generations. Whether you use it to reach high shelves or as a handy extra seat, your shaker step stool will be a cherished addition to your home.


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