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Sportster Coil Relocation: Improving Performance and Style

As a passionate motorcycle enthusiast and an experienced website operator, I am excited to share with you the benefits of sportster coil relocation, a highly sought-after modification for Harley-Davidson Sportster models. Coil relocation allows riders to enhance their bike’s performance and appearance, yielding better handling, more power, and a sleek, custom look. In this article, I will explain what coil relocation is, why it’s important, and how to do it.

What is Sportster Coil Relocation?

Simply put, coil relocation is the process of moving the coils on a Sportster from the stock location (behind the motor, above the transmission) to a new location, typically under the gas tank or near the ignition switch. This not only frees up space for other customizations, but also eliminates the unsightly wires and brackets that clutter the rear of the bike, giving it a clean, streamlined look.

Why is Coil Relocation Important?

Coil relocation offers numerous benefits to Sportster riders. One of the most significant advantages is improved handling. By moving the coils closer to the front of the bike, the weight distribution is more evenly balanced, creating a more stable and responsive ride. This is especially useful for aggressive cornering, where a well-balanced bike can make all the difference.

Another benefit of coil relocation is increased power. By relocating the coils closer to the spark plugs, the electrical resistance is reduced, allowing for a stronger, more consistent spark. This improves ignition and overall engine performance, resulting in a faster and more efficient ride.

Finally, coil relocation improves the appearance of the bike, particularly for those who enjoy a custom, minimalist look. By removing the bulky stock components from the rear, the bike takes on a sleek, streamlined profile that is sure to turn heads.

How to Relocate Sportster Coils

While coil relocation may seem daunting to the uninitiated, it is actually a relatively simple process that can be done with basic tools and some patience. Here is a brief overview of the steps involved:

  1. Remove the stock brackets and wire loom that hold the coils in place.
  2. Disconnect the spark plug wires from the coils.
  3. Mount the new coil brackets in the desired location (under the gas tank or near the ignition switch) using the provided hardware.
  4. Attach the new coils to the brackets, routing the wires neatly to the ignition module.
  5. Reconnect the spark plug wires to the new coils, making sure they are secure.
  6. Test the ignition system to ensure it is functioning properly.

Overall, the process can take a few hours or more, depending on the level of customization involved. However, with the right tools and a clear set of instructions, anyone can perform a coil relocation on their Sportster.


Sportster coil relocation is a game-changing modification that offers improved handling, increased power, and a sleek custom look. While it may seem daunting at first, anyone can do it with the right tools and instructions. As a motorcycle enthusiast and website operator, I highly recommend this modification to all Sportster riders looking to take their bike to the next level.

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