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T490s Drivers: Ensuring Optimal Performance for Your Laptop

As the owner of a Lenovo ThinkPad T490s laptop, you may encounter issues with your device’s performance or functionality. In many cases, these problems can be attributed to outdated or missing drivers. Drivers are crucial software components that establish communication between your hardware and operating system. Without the proper drivers, your laptop may experience crashes, freezes, or other malfunctions.

To avoid these issues and ensure optimal performance, it is essential to keep your T490s drivers up to date. Lenovo provides regular updates for its drivers and other software components through its support website. By periodically checking for and installing new drivers, you can prevent problems caused by outdated software.

How to Download and Install T490s Drivers

Downloading and installing T490s drivers is a relatively simple process. Follow these steps to ensure that your device is functioning correctly:

  1. Navigate to the Lenovo Support website.
  2. Enter your T490s product number or serial number to access the appropriate drivers.
  3. Choose your operating system and filter the results by category (Audio, BIOS, Chipset, Display, etc.).
  4. Download the latest version of each driver that applies to your device.
  5. Double-click each downloaded file to begin the installation process.
  6. Reboot your computer after completing the installation of all available drivers.

Tips for Maintaining Your T490s Drivers

Here are some additional tips for ensuring that your T490s drivers remain up to date:

  • Create a backup of your important files before installing new drivers or software updates.
  • Set up automatic driver updates to ensure that you always have the latest versions installed.
  • Check the Lenovo website regularly for new driver releases.
  • Uninstall outdated or unnecessary drivers to free up disk space and reduce clutter.
  • Disable automatic updates for specific drivers if they have caused issues in the past.


By keeping your T490s drivers up to date, you can ensure that your laptop functions optimally and avoid performance issues caused by outdated software. With regular checks and updates, you can keep your device running smoothly and maintain its longevity. Remember to also prioritize backing up important files before installing new drivers or updates and to exercise caution when making changes to your system.


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