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As the operator of a popular language learning website, I am constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience and provide valuable content to our audience. Recently, I stumbled upon a trending song called “Te Felicito” with English lyrics that I believe would be of interest to our community. In this article, I will explore the background of the song, provide a translation of the lyrics, and discuss why this song is worth adding to your language learning playlist.

The Background of “Te Felicito”

“Te Felicito” is a popular Spanish language song by Dominican singer-songwriter Mozart La Para. The song was released in 2017 and quickly gained popularity due to its upbeat rhythm and catchy chorus. The song’s title translates to “I congratulate you,” and the lyrics express congratulations to someone who has earned success, whether it be in love, work, or life in general.

The song was recently covered by YouTuber and musician Conor Maynard, who created English lyrics for the song. Conor’s version has gained over 7 million views on YouTube, and the song has become popular among English-speaking audiences as well.

Translation of “Te Felicito” English Lyrics

Below is a translation of the chorus and a few key verses from the English version of “Te Felicito”:

I congratulate you for your success
You’re doing it like a pro
And when the sun sets, you light it up again
I congratulate you for your success

Verse 1:
I’m digging everything you do
You ain’t got nothing to prove
Cause you already made it through
For you, it’s just the usual
Oh, oh, you’re shining, shining

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Verse 2:
You stay on top, never flop, can’t no one hold you down
That crown on your head is made up, you wear it like a gown
You own it like a boss, you’re the master of your grounds
Always making moves, never fakin’

Why “Te Felicito” is Worth Adding to Your Language Learning Playlist

As language learners, we are always looking for ways to improve our listening skills and expand our vocabulary. “Te Felicito” is a great song to add to your language learning playlist for several reasons:

1. Catchy Rhythm: The song’s upbeat rhythm makes it easy to listen to and follow along with the lyrics.

2. Everyday Vocabulary: The lyrics in the song use everyday vocabulary, making it a great way to learn words and phrases that you might use in everyday conversations.

3. Congratulatory Sentiments: The song’s lyrics express congratulations and admiration for someone’s achievements, making it a great way to practice giving compliments and expressing positivity in Spanish.

Overall, “Te Felicito” is a fun and upbeat song that can help improve your listening skills, expand your vocabulary, and practice expressing positivity in Spanish. Give it a listen and see for yourself why this song continues to be popular among Spanish-speaking audiences.