Tofu Sausage Recipe

What is Tofu sausage

Tofu sausage is a type of sausage made from tofu, a type of soybean product. Tofu sausage is a vegan and vegetarian alternative to traditional sausage made from meat. It is typically made by grinding tofu and mixing it with a variety of spices and flavorings to create a sausage.

How does tofu sausage taste like

Tofu sausages can have a savory, slightly smoky flavor. However, the exact taste can vary depending on the brand and seasoning used.

How to make Tofu sausage


  • pork belly
  • old tofu
  • Grass fruit powder
  • star anise powder
  • Fennel Seed Powder
  • salt
  • Alcohol
  • Red Yeast Rice Noodles
  • sausage casing


  1. Pork belly cut into small pieces.

  2. Crush old tofu, the more broken the better.

  3. Add grass fruit powder, star anise powder, fennel seed powder, and salt (10 grams of salt for a catty of tofu, 13 grams of salt for a catty of meat), take a small bowl, put a little red yeast rice flour and high-grade liquor Melt it, then put it into the tofu and meat separately, then mix it well, let all the seasonings mix well with the meat and tofu, marinate for an afternoon (or overnight) to make it more flavorful.

  4. Then mix the marinated meat and tofu, mix well.

  5. This is the appearance of mixing well, after this, you can prepare the enema

  6. The sausage casing is soaked in the small bowl. I missed it just now. This is bought by a certain treasure. During the process of marinating the stuffing, rinse it and soak it in water. After the stuffing is marinated, you can enema Yes, I have used two enema equipment, I personally think the hand-held one is easier to use, the hand-cranked one is difficult to push in, it is not suitable for filling tofu sausage.

  7. After filling the intestines, use a rope to divide them into appropriate sections and tie them, and then use a toothpick to prick the filled intestines. This step is to expel excess gas in the intestines, and it is also convenient to dry, and then put the intestines into the seventy Rinse it in hot water of about 100 degrees Celsius to clean the epidermis, so that it is easy to dry, and the color that comes out is also good-looking.

  8. Then hang it in a ventilated place to dry, and it will be ready to eat in about ten days.

Personally, I think a little more fat tastes better

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