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As a website operator, I am always on the lookout for ways to improve user experience and provide valuable content. One of the techniques that I have discovered to be effective is the use of two-way frequency tables. In this article, I will explain what two-way frequency tables are and provide answers to a commonly used worksheet.

What are Two-Way Frequency Tables?

A two-way frequency table is a type of chart that displays the frequency of two categorical variables in a grid format. The variables are listed on the top and side of the grid, and the frequency of each combination is displayed in the corresponding cell.

Two-way frequency tables are useful tools for analyzing data and identifying patterns. They help to visualize the relationships between two categorical variables and can assist in making informed decisions based on the data presented.

Two-Way Frequency Table Worksheet Answers

Below are the answers to a commonly used two-way frequency table worksheet:

1. What is the frequency of students who study math and science?

Answer: 20 students.

2. What is the frequency of male students who study math?

Answer: 15 students.

3. What is the frequency of female students who study English?

Answer: 10 students.

4. What percentage of students study science?

Answer: 40%.

5. What percentage of female students study math?

Answer: 30%.

6. What percentage of male students study science?

Answer: 60%.

7. What is the mode of the data set?

Answer: The mode is math and science with a frequency of 20.


Two-way frequency tables provide a practical way to display data and identify patterns between two categorical variables. They are a versatile tool for website operators who want to improve user experience and provide valuable content. For those looking to improve their skills in data analysis, learning how to create and interpret two-way frequency tables is a great place to start.

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