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Welcome to our website, where we provide information and guides for World of Warcraft players. In this article, we will discuss Utgarde Keep WOTLK quests, which is a popular dungeon in Wrath of the Lich King expansion.


Utgarde Keep is located in the Howling Fjord zone in Northrend, the realm of the Lich King. It is one of the first dungeons available for players, starting at level 70. The dungeon consists of two wings, Utgarde Keep and Utgarde Pinnacle, both offering various challenges and rewards.


There are several quests available in Utgarde Keep, both inside the dungeon and outside. These quests offer rewards such as experience, reputation, and gear upgrades. Some notable quests are:

“The Shattered Sword of Mordenai” – This quest involves finding a sword for a dragon named Mordenai, who promises to help you with the dragons of Northrend in return. The sword can be found in the Utgarde Keep dungeon.

“Stealing Their Thunder” – In this quest, you are tasked with defeating the vrykul in Utgarde Keep and stealing their lightning rods, which are needed to power a gnomish device. The device is used to reveal a hidden area in the dungeon and complete another quest.

“Ingvar Must Die!” – This is the final quest of the Utgarde Keep dungeon, where you must defeat Ingvar the Plunderer, the main boss. This quest rewards players with a choice of several blue quality items.


Here are some tips to make your Utgarde Keep WOTLK quests experience smoother:

Bring a balanced group of players, including tanks, healers, and damage dealers.

Read the quests carefully and follow the instructions given.

Make sure to obtain all the quests available outside the dungeon before entering.

Communicate with your group and coordinate your actions during fights.

Utilize crowd control abilities to manage the mobs and reduce damage taken.


Utgarde Keep WOTLK quests offer an exciting and rewarding experience for World of Warcraft players. With a little preparation and strategy, you can successfully complete the quests and earn valuable rewards. We hope this article has provided you with useful information and helped you enjoy your journey in Northrend.


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