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Zara Rev Desnuda: The Controversial Clothing Line

As the owner and operator of a popular online clothing store, I am constantly staying up-to-date on the latest fashion trends and industry news. One recent topic that has caught my attention is Zara’s new clothing line, “Rev Desnuda,” which translates to “Nude Revolution” in English. This line has sparked controversy and raised questions about representation and inclusivity in the fashion industry.

What is Zara Rev Desnuda?

Zara Rev Desnuda is a collection of bodycon dresses and bodysuits that claim to cater to all skin tones. The clothing pieces are available in shades ranging from light to the deepest of browns, providing a nuance of inclusivity for people of different skin colors.

However, Zara’s approach to diversity within the fashion industry has been questioned by critics in the past, with some citing lack of representation in their advertising campaigns and hierarchies. Zara’s new collection may not strike a balance since the models it showcased in the campaign mostly had similar body types and facial features.

Controversy of Zara Rev Desnuda

The line’s controversial name has also garnered a backlash from the public. Critics have stated that the name of the collection implies that there wasn’t any revolution in fashion sense and shows the brand’s casual approach to social movements when it is neither socially conscious nor politically active. The name also raises the question of what revolution it boosts as the clothing does not appear as though it would be revolutionary or overly innovative.

The collection’s promotional images and marketing strategy have been criticised for perpetuating eurocentric standards of beauty. Many viewers have argued that the campaign images promote a single dominant idealised beauty standard, which fails to recognize the many different ways individuals define beauty.

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My Take on Zara Rev Desnuda

As an online clothing retailer, my primary concern is to provide a wide range of clothing options for my customers. However, on closer examination, I believe Zara’s Rev Desnuda collection falls short in upholding key values that have become essential for modern brands: inclusivity and diversity.

The naming of this collection seems to be a sales gimmick without much thought of the implications of its meaning. Likewise, despite the broad range of skin tones, the collection’s marketing images could have been more diverse in terms of model size, features, and representation. These factors matter crucially, and I believe fashion brands have a responsibility to take them seriously, as fashion is an influential arena and has the power to promote inclusivity and diversity.


Zara’s Rev Desnuda collection offers a refreshing angle on skin-tone inclusivity, but it falls short in other areas such as representation and benefiting trends that uplift diversity. Although such clothing lines are welcome in the industry, customers expect more thoughtful and socially conscious branding campaigns. As a retailer, I believe each brand should celebrate its unique attributes and characteristics in ways that promote inclusivity, diversity, and consideration.